Friendly Fraud

Friendly Fraud is systemic;embedded in our culture.



Symphony of Hope



=I have a new addiction; I may need an intervention. I can’t stop reading travel writer Rachel Howard. The last time I had an addiction of this intensity was when I first read David Sedaris. David Sedaris makes me laugh so hard, and so often. He knocks me out page after page, and he has helped me discover new places to laugh in my interior universe. He’s a healer. When I tried to read passages from Me Talk Pretty One Day to my wife, I just couldn’t start because my laughter was hurting so good and in so many new places. When I went to see him live in concert I knew I was looking at a modern reincarnation of Mark Twain.  However, if I had a choice to see a book talk on the same day between Rachel Howard or David Sedaris I would still choose Rachel Howard.

Russell Crowe praises Greek islands on Twitter after visit to Myconos

“How is it that I’ve lived 49 years on this planet but never been to the Greek Islands before. So beautiful. Yassou Mykonos I will return,”